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Excavators are versatile machines that can help with a range of projects. You can even mix and match excavator attachments depending on the job at hand. From home demolition to other small tasks, use an excavator for maximum efficiency.

Excavator sizes range from mini to large. However, the best sizes for home demolition are typically mini, small, and medium sizes. Large excavators are commonly used for industrial and commercial projects. Their heavyweight and bulky size aren’t the best for at-home demolition. Let’s take a look at mini to medium excavators and why they’re perfect for residential use.

Excavator sizes for home demolition

Each size excavator has advantages when it comes to home demolition and residential projects. They even come with specific excavator attachments to assist with performance. The most common sized excavators for demolition are:

Mini: These compact units are perfect for navigating smaller, residential job sites. They are more lightweight than other excavator types and easier to transport. Some mini excavators can even fit through a home’s doorway.

Mini excavator attachments are more precise than larger types, as well. They can easily navigate around pipes and utility lines around your home. Some common types of jobs performed with a mini excavator are smaller demolition projects and landscaping and outdoor projects. You can also use them to install a new pool or pond and for underground excavation projects.

Small: Another type of compact excavator, small types are more powerful than minis while keeping their precision. More horsepower allows small excavator models to dig and backfill faster. They also typically have better reach and a larger bucket size than minis. This makes them a great choice for most demolition and landscaping projects.

Medium: Often categorized as standard or midsize, medium excavators are the most common type available. They are extremely versatile and have a range of excavator attachments for all your home project needs. Compared to the mini and small types, medium excavators have more horsepower, reach, and hydraulic capabilities. Common projects completed with standard excavators include:

  • Digging trenches
  • Removing debris
  • Home demolition
  • Home construction
  • Utility work

There are a few cons when it comes to medium excavators, however. Their size is not as compact so they have more of a footprint than mini and small types. Because of this, they are more likely to damage soft terrain like your backyard. Additionally, their size makes it hard to transport and store during demolition.

Which should you choose?

There are many more factors when it comes to choosing the best excavator size for your home demolition project. Consider what excavator attachments you need, the job site size, and your budget before making a decision. Keep in mind that there are various models to choose from in each size category, as well. It’s essential to make an informed decision so you can choose the right size and model excavator for demolition. 

For more help on making this important choice, contact a Denver excavator professional. We’ll help you find the most compatible range of excavators and attachments for demolition and construction projects.