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House Demolition

To effectively demolish a home, you need the right tools for the job. Learn how an excavator can help you to finish your next big project.

Excavators have played a common role in building demolition since their introduction, but not every excavator has what it takes to handle a specific job. These powerful machines can help level a building relatively quickly with the right approach, but size can play a key role in its overall effectiveness. Read on to learn what excavator you need to demolish a house so you can start from the ground up.

Your Guide to Residential Demolition

Residential demolition is the act of demolishing homes and buildings with a residential focus. To effectively demolish a home, an excavator is a preferred tool because of its size and versatility. It is an excellent tool for leveling a home right down to the ground as long as you choose the right match.

What is an Excavator?

Excavators are a type of commonly used construction equipment that is composed of a few basic parts. There is a cabin, which is where the individual who is physically driving this machine will sit, as it houses all of the controls. There are also a few general parts designed to help with digging. However, excavators can be fitted with attachments that transform this device from a large shovel into a downright dangerous machine that can knock down a building.

What Size is Appropriate for Demolishing a Home?

The truth is that excavators in different sizes can be used to demolish a home with wonderful results, but it is all about what you need. For smaller homes, there is always the option to use a relatively small excavator. People also commonly use small excavators to stay within local regulatory requirements.

Larger excavators can also be used to demolish a home more quickly, but it is always important to ensure that you are taking this particular piece of construction equipment somewhere that will allow you to use it effectively. As a general rule, bigger systems can be more difficult to use and more difficult to effectively navigate to a location as well.

What to Consider When Choosing an Excavator

Choosing the right excavator for your project can be confusing because there are different brands involved, each with their own naming mechanisms. To effectively choose an excavator that will be appropriate for your residential demolition project, it is often best to talk with the company that will be providing the tools that you want to use.


Residential demolition is a process that goes more smoothly when you use the right tools. If you are looking to demolish a home, feel free to reach out to the Rock Tools team directly in order to ensure that you are investing in a product that will suit your needs. With the right excavator, you will be able to level that house right to the ground and haul out the pieces so you can start fresh. We are always happy to talk about our tools and what they can do to serve your needs!