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excavator Bucket

Excavator buckets are useful tools for any construction project using an excavator. They are a type of excavator attachment best used for digging and removing rock, earth, and debris. The bucket is attached to the excavator’s arm and controlled by the operator via controls located in the cabin. 

There are even different types of excavator attachments that can be used for various projects. Use excavator buckets to remove debris, load dirt into dumb trucks, help lay pipelines, and more. Learn more about the various types of excavator bucket attachments to see which one is best for your next project.

Types of Excavator Buckets

General-purpose. The general-purpose bucket is one of the most common excavator attachments because of its versatility. This is the attachment that most excavators are automatically equipped with. The general-purpose bucket attachment includes short, blunt teeth that can easily remove dirt, gravel, and other types of soil.

Heavy-duty. The heavy-duty bucket is perfect for more intense projects that require heavy lifting. This type of excavator attachment is extremely durable and features abrasion-resistant steel. Use this bucket for moving large rocks and higher-density materials. 

Grading. The grading bucket is a great option for clean-up or precision projects. This bucket features a smooth, flat cutting edge that makes digging easier. Use this attachment when working with softer materials for a clean edge.

Trenching. This type of excavator bucket attachment is primarily used for digging trenches. It features more extension and reach along with a sharp blade for precision.

Rock. The rock bucket attachment is extremely useful for heavy rock removal. It features large, sharp teeth with a reinforced design that can be used for digging up rocky areas and splitting large rocks.

Angle tilt. Similar to the grading bucket, the angle tilt has even more versatility. The bucket attachment is able to move an additional 45 degrees in rotation, making it ideal for tight spaces. Use the angle tilt for making exact slopes and trenches in a short amount of time.

V-Bottom. This bucket is a great option for digging trenches, laying pipelines, and removing soil. It features a v-shaped, angled attachment.

Hardpan. When the rock bucket isn’t heavy-duty enough, look to the hardpan bucket attachment. This bucket features an extra row of reinforced teeth that help it to easily rip through tough soil and rock. 

Skeleton. The skeleton bucket is composed of heavy-duty steel bars with gaps in between. This design allows smaller pieces of rock and debris to fall through while trapping the bigger pieces. Use this modified digging bucket to sift through different material types.

There are many excavator bucket attachments to choose from. For more information on which bucket is best for your project, contact Rock Tools Attachments. We can help you determine which excavator attachments are needed for your cutting solutions. Our experienced team can even ship the attachments you need for your next project.