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Hydraulic Excavator

Every construction project requires very specific machinery. A popular type of equipment for large jobs is the hydraulic excavator. Learn more about hydraulic excavators and whether you need one for your next project. 

About Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavators rely on their hydraulic systems. This means that the vehicle’s chassis is supported with the use of a wheeled platform on its undercarriage. This undercarriage track helps transport the chassis for varied movement performed by the operator. The operator can then use the controls and levers located inside the vehicle to perform many functions. These include raising the vehicle up and down, rotating the chassis 360 degrees, and moving the bucket. The bucket and boom are separate pieces from the chassis and can also be moved independently. Since hydraulic excavators are so versatile in their movement and operation, they can be used for many different types of projects. 

Types of excavators

There are also many different types and models of excavators. These include:

Compact, a small excavator type that is used for compact areas. Use this excavator if you’re working in a tight location like a street or garden. Compact excavators help reduce work time with their easy-to-use operation. Don’t let the small arms fool you – they can lift up to eight tons.

Crawler crane, a type of crane excavator on tracks. This is the best excavator type for deep digs or mine work. This is one of the largest excavator types. It features a large cabin with extra storage for cables. 

Crawler excavator, an excavator similar to the crawler crane. It also uses a train or tracks system for transportation. Instead of underground areas, crawler excavators are used to navigate across sand or rocky terrain. These massive excavators can extract large materials for any project. 

Suction, or “vacuum” excavator. This type of excavator uses pressure to remove materials like rocks and earth. Its heavy digger helps drain materials into the deposit tank. This is a good excavator choice if you need to store excess material waste. 

Wheel, an excavator perfect for projects on a time limit. The wheel excavator is able to move quickly and efficiently due to its large wheels. Hydraulic systems help this smaller excavator to perform different types of construction jobs. 

Benefits of hydraulic excavators

There are many benefits to choosing hydraulic excavators for your next project. Because of their size, they are also easy to transport or store. Not only are they compact, but they are extremely versatile. You can use them for specific tasks or on large job sites. Excavators also include attachments for any job type. These include mallets, grapples, blades, or buckets. Whether for demolition or moving objects, hydraulic excavators are a great choice.

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