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Hartl Engineering and Marketing GmbH is an Austrian-based company that focuses on developing heavy-duty equipment for construction projects. One of the company’s most widely known products is the Hartl Crusher.

What exactly is the Hartl Crusher? The manufacturer calls it the “The ultimate crushing machine.” It’s an excavator attachment that can help process solid materials like rocks. These robust, ergonomic attachments come in a variety of sizes to help you handle projects of any size.

The largest crusher bucket option available from Rock Tools Attachments is the HBC 1250 model, which has an inlet opening of 49×22 inches. The next size down is the HBC 950 model, with a 37×21-inch opening, and then the HBC750 with a 30×20-inch opening. The smallest option is the HBC 650, which has a 26×20-inch opening. Each model has a different weight, ranging from 4,170 pounds to 13,450 pounds, and they need to be mounted to an excavator of a suitable size using a coupling system.

When to Use a Hartl Crusher

The Hartl Crusher Bucket, Hartl Crusher is a tool that’s durable and versatile. So when should you reach out to Rock Tools Attachments for one of these units? They’re ideal for a number of projects, including situations in which you need to:

  • Complete leveling work
  • Process natural rock from locations like mines and gravel pit
  • Process materials like asphalt, concrete, or glass that need to be recycled

Crushers allow you to complete tasks quickly and on site.  These are also effective tools for anyone looking to save money. They only require a single operator, and if you have lots of material to remove from an area, you’ll have an easier time breaking it down for transport.

Other Types of Equipment

Rock Tools Attachments offers more than just crusher buckets. The following equipment is also available for use, depending on your needs:

●  Rotary Crusher Buckets

For projects that involve clearing out large rocks, consider using a rotary crusher bucket. This equipment can break down rocks into gravel, making it easier for you to transport it off site. A rotary crusher bucket can grind up concrete as well.

●  Screening Buckets

These attachments feature a grid design that helps separate larger material from smaller material. A screening bucket is useful from landscaping, composting, and sorting waste from a recent demolition.

●  Sieving Buckets

A sieving bucket can serve as a digging tool as well as a screener. Finer materials sieve through the attachment, while larger debris remains in the bucket. Screening elements are available in multiple sizes, giving you more control over what kind of material is filtered out.

●  Saw Attachments

You can find a variety of saws at Rock Tools Attachments, including concrete, raw, metal, and skid steer saws. Each saw is designed to cut through specific materials, and they’re available in various sizes and dimensions to fit your excavation equipment.

For custom solutions for your construction projects, sort through Rock Tools Attachments’ available equipment. A variety of sizes and features make it easy for you to find exactly what you need.