Navigating the construction scene can get a little tricky when you’re dealing with multiple saw attachment and types, plus varying aspects of a project that all require a different tool for the best result. Mixing up saws and best uses is a common mistake that is made several times a day, and often never caught.

You can educate yourself on the four main types of heavy-duty saws to be better prepared for your next demolition job.

Heavy Duty Saws: Identification Guide

A lot of saws that can be used for solid, heavy materials are all referred to as a general concept of “rock saws”. Sometimes you hear terms like concrete or metal saws thrown into the mix, but it’s hard to really know the specific purposes and uses for each one. Understanding the differences is a way to put yourself ahead of the learning curve!

Rock Saws

This term is used for a lot of different saws, but a rock saw is designed to take apart boulders and other natural materials. The blade uses a clean, slicing motion to deconstruct and destroy large rocks and solid materials.

Best Uses

It can be used for other things, but it’s best suited for the rough, naturally occurring rocks that are difficult to move. You can get the rocks cut down enough for easier destruction or removal.

Concrete Saws

If you’re using a concrete saw, you can probably tell by the name what it’s designed to do. These blades are versatile and perfect for the smooth but strong concrete. It can be found on both construction and demolish jobs, as well as repairs. You can find concrete saw attachments for small and large machinery.

Best Uses

The versatility of a concrete saw is what really makes it a great tool attachment to have on hand for any job. You can control the cut, so it’s great for any sort of large-scale job that requires the adjustment of concrete.

Metal Saws

Any aluminum or copper based metal can be cut with a metal saw. This is still a very broad spectrum, so most metal saws are made custom for projects, or have many different possible attachments and blade types. This way, you can get the most out of the tool, and perfectly control the type of work is done with it.

Best Uses

Shaving metal, placing deep grooves, or even cutting through copper-based materials can be done with a metal saw. It’s got a big capability of potential, so you’ll see a metal saw used for a variety of projects.

Steel Saws

The steel saw is a type of metal saw, but more specific in its creation and use. Metal chop saws are often steel saws, which are heavy-duty tools created for the slicing of steel specifically. Similarly to the metal saw, it has a big capability, and often many different sizes and options can be chosen from to better customize the tool.