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Rock Grinders

RockTools has been providing rock grinders and rock grinding attachments for equipment including excavators, mini excavators, wheel loader buckets, and more! We have years of experience providing the tools you need to get your job done.

We ship our excavator attachments worldwide, including Canada, Europe, Australia and South America. Contact us for more information. Our rock grinders are compatible with any excavator and skid steer.

Here are some of our attachment products in action:

Our Experience

With more than 3 decades of excavator attachment experience Rock Tools, Attachments is a leader in finding cutting and grinding solutions for rock, concrete, steel, aluminum and just about any material type found on planet earth. We also offer saws for accurately cutting many types of material. Our quarry saw is used to mine dimensional stone products in limestone, marble, sandstone and many other types of sedimentary and igneous rock types. Our quarry saw can be found cutting granite in British Columbia, Canada to cutting Marble in Bari, Italy.

Our Approach

The first step in finding the ideal grinding solution is to establish the unique requirements for any project. Our sales team is versed in all types of materials and has in depth experience with all makes and models of heavy equipment, Call Us Today to consult with one of our applications engineers to select the best product to grind your material and fit your existing equipment.