With the many different tools created for specific jobs, knowing what attachment for your excavator is, at best, a little difficult. Plus, everything has such big words, and there is little information out there to explain the precise way a tool can get the job done.

Rotary crusher buckets have become an extremely valuable tool, but they aren’t widely understood, or even included in many of the “must-have” lists out there. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and safe way to grind up large solid materials, a crusher bucket is perfect!

The Basics Of a Rotary Crusher Bucket

Understanding how a crusher bucket does the job is the first step to knowing if it’s the right fit and piece for your team and your project. In reality, these attachments are very easy, and they aim to provide one simple job – crush and dispose of had chunks of material into filtered graded aggregate.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Scoop

Using the manual or automatic controls on the excavator, you can scoop up the rubble into the bucket of the rotary crusher tool. Rocks and stone, plus concrete and other solid materials, are all able to be used with these tools.

Step 2: Crush

Activate the crushing mechanism at the bottom of the bucket. The device will begin to destroy everything inside of the bucket, while filtering it through the bottom and disposing of it quickly.

Step 3: Dump

All of the contents of the bucket will get screened and be deposited as a fine texture mixed together. Rock, dirt, stone, and all! By using the arm of your machinery, you can choose where this deposit happens, and leave the neatly cleaned out area fresh and ready for more excavation.

The Best Job For a Rotary Crusher Bucket

One of the best things about these attachments is their ability to recycle! Not only does it remove unwanted chunks of solid, tricky materials, but it can be repurposed into a loose, thick dust that can be used for filling in ground or other small project support.

This attachment gets rid of rock and pavement fast, makes clean-up easy, and is the ideal tool for large demolition jobs.

How To Use It

Since the crusher bucket is an easy attachment for your excavator, the use and cleanup of a piece like this is made extremely easy. With additional attachment pieces such as sieve buckets or screening tools, you can easily make a demolition project easy. These rotary crusher buckets are best used for heavy duty rubble, but can work on small clumps as well for a quick job.

About The Attachment

The crusher bucket can be purchased in many different sizes to fit a vast range of excavators. You’ll want to think about the size of both the bucket and the rotors, as well as the depth and maximum weight it can carry. Ensure that the specifications of your attachment piece will be enough for your excavator to handle.