Our Steel Saw Specifications

Our carborundum steel-cutting saw cuts ductile iron pipe, steel and other ferrous metals. This versatile circular blade eliminates the need for dangerous hand-held saws.

Identifying the right ferrous metal saw for your carrier is important. Please see the chart below to match the right saw to your excavation vehicle.

Click on the model number for more details.

ModelExcavator Class
Blade Size
Cut Depth
Cut Width
Hydraulic Flow
Hydraulic Power
Shipping Dimensions
Approx. Weight
RTS5D2-1036914.414355.60.27579-1134-4120-2515-1960 x 54 x 48152 x 137 x 122750338
RTS10D8-25481219.2205080.275715-1756-6435-4026-3060 x 54 x 48152 x 137 x 122800360
RTS15D12-25601524256350.275719-2272-8350-5538-4172 x 60 x 54183 x 152 x 1371100495
RTS20D18-30661676.428711.20.51324-2891-10660-7045-5282 x 76 x 60209 x 193 x 1521300585
RTS25D20-35721828.831787.40.51330-36114-13684-9762-7282 x 76 x 60209 x 193 x 1521400630

Further sizes for metal cutting saws can be custom-made. Just get in touch.

Our metal, rock and concrete cutting attachments provide the versatility that you would expect from high precision Rock Tools Attachments.

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