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HBC 1250

Our Specifications

Excavator Weight Discharge Opening (CSS) Inlet Opening Load Volume Rotation RPM
> 77,160 lbs 1.80 – 4.75 IN 49 x 22 IN 2.17 y³ 350 RPM
Dimensions Oil Pressure Weight Oil Flow Rate US gpm
101.18 x 71.65 x 61.02 IN 3190 PSI 13450 lbs > 77



Jaw Crusher Buckets

HBC-650 Jaw Crusher Bucket

HBC-750 Jaw Crusher Bucket

HBC-950 Jaw Crusher Bucket

HBC-1250 Jaw Crusher Bucket

Rotary Crusher Buckets

RTCB-21 Rotary Crusher Bucket

RTCB-22 Rotary Crusher Bucket

H3-950 Screening Buckets

H2-1500 Screening Buckets

Sieving Buckets

RTV08 Sieving Buckets

RTV10 Sieving Bucket

RTV15 Sieving Bucket

RTV20 Sieving Bucket

RTV30 Sieving Buckets

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