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Operating an excavator

An excavator is the type of machinery you want around for a variety of construction and maintenance projects. It can make it easier to perform everything from landscaping and snow removal to digging holes and relocating heavy material. But do you need a license to operate this powerful and versatile piece of equipment? Yes, and no.

License Requirements

You’ll definitely need a driver’s license before you operate an excavator. Technically, you don’t need a specific excavator license. However, you might need a commercial driver’s license (CDL), depending on your employer’s requirements. And most employers will prefer that you have prior training and proof of your competency with the project’s equipment before they hire you. 

Due to an excavator’s size and power, slip-ups can be extremely dangerous to workers and passersby. Accidents can also lead to costly property damage .  

General Requirements

There are a few other requirements for operating an excavator. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a GED or high school diploma. Physically, you’ll need good eyesight and coordination to safely use an excavator — as is the case for operating any heavy machinery. 

Having some physical strength is also helpful. Sure, the excavator will do all the really heavy lifting, but you may also need to move tools and obstructive items around the job site by hand. A knack for mechanics is useful, as this can help you properly maintain and efficiently operate the excavator. Some employers will require that workers are comfortable performing minor repairs on the machinery. 

You should be comfortable with heights and willing to work in areas where noisy equipment is being used and lots of safety equipment is necessary. You might also be required to work in all sorts of weather conditions, so expect to spend hours in the hot sun or in muddy conditions. 

Training Courses

Whether you want to ensure your own safety or need proof of competency for an employer, you can look for excavator training courses. These types of educational programs offer you hands-on training, so you’re prepared to operate an excavator on any job site. Courses might also cover topics such as general workplace safety and surveying basics.

You can expect most training courses to last several days or maybe even a few weeks, depending on how in-depth the instructor goes. Prices will also vary depending on the length and depth of the training. Afterwards, you’re ready to find a job working with the equipment. Keep in mind that some employers are also looking for several years of experience though. 

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