Welcome to Rock Tools Attachments

With over 30 years of excavator attachments experience, Rock Tools Attachments has become a true leader in finding cutting solutions for rock, concrete, steel, aluminum and just about any material type found on planet earth. Our equipment and technology is used across the globe on construction sites. Our quarry saw is used to mine dimensional stone products in limestone, marble, sandstone and many other types of both sedimentary and igneous rock types. Our quarry saw can be found cutting granite in British Columbia, Canada to cutting Marble in Bari, Italy.

If you need an excavator bucket, you could have come to no better place to find exactly what you’re looking for for any job.

Sieving Buckets

Our sieving buckets enables you to dig, sieve, and separate materials including soil, slag, and demolition waste with top of line ease and technology. The sieve size can easily be changed enabling materials to be sized appropriately to the job at hand. Our sieve buckets hydraulically shake fine materials through interchangeable screens; an improvement to the traditional skeleton bucket or shaker bucket. Our sieving bucket is the powered attachment to meet all the needs of a traditional skeleton bucket, but with the distinct advantage of reduced wear on your excavator’s pins and bushings and is easier on operators. The comparatively gentle sorting process preserves the integrity of the oversized material, reducing contaminates in the screened material. This attachment is ideal for screening contaminates from sized material, backfilling trenches for electrical, gas and water lines, sorting demolition waste, landscaping, composting, stabilizing soil, and much more!

Jaw Crusher Buckets

Our robust excavator jaw crushers process natural rock (such as that found in queries, mines, or gravel pits) or recycling materials (such as asphalt, concrete, glass, or tiles) into usable material. This makes it great for leveling a road or general excavations where you expect to encounter materials or hard natural rock. The compact crusher bucket connects to your excavator in minutes. With its versatility, the crusher bucket will keep overall costs down.

Screening Buckets

We offer both rotary and basket screening buckets. Our screening buckets can be used for pipelines, demolition, top soil and recycling applications. These versatile attachments quickly remove oversized contaminates allowing for onsite recycling of material for use as backfill. This attachment is ideal for backfilling trenches for electrical, gas and water lines, sorting demolition waste, landscaping, composting, stabilizing soil, and much more!

Rotary Buckets

This heavy-duty crusher bucket crushes and screens. It fits a range of excavators and can handle rock, concrete, rubble, and stone. It easily attaches to your excavator to quickly filter site rubble into a graded aggregate.

We want you to find exactly what you’re looking for to get your project complete. So, if you’re ready to start making moves on your excavation project, give us a call to get started on finding out the best tool for your job, quotes, and more!